Shane MacGreggor

Son of a wealthy soldier family, he's had enough of his father's strictness


Born into a family line of soldiers, the fate of Shane MacGreggor was relatively predetermined. Born while his father was at war, his life took a turn when his father returned home six years later. Having saved the life of a duchess during a siege, his father was rewarded quite handsomely and lifted out of the need to stay a professional soldier. Shane grew up with martial training nonetheless, his father not wanting him to grow up spoiled. As any young lad, he got into trouble here and there, but nothing of any true shame until his sixteenth birthday.

Upon this day, his father hired a band of travelers for entertainment before he began the ceremony to present Shane with his own family blade. Shane, not wanting to be locked in his room all day, managed to escape out and enter the traveler caravan to see what it was like. Upon noticing, they gladly allowed him to join their rituals. Little did he know that that day was also a pagan ceremony honoring Wolf, a major holiday for the minstrels. In the midst of the rituals, his father burst into the ritual with his horsemen, thinking they had kidnapped his son. The strange result of the interruption was the change in color of Shane’s hair, from a common red to a disturbing silver. Before being dragged away by his father, Shane saw the travelers fall on their knees and stare at him for a reason he still doesn’t understand.

Since then, his father kept Shane isolated from people and tripled his training regimen to keep him too busy for anything else. The sergeants and guards took to calling him “Silver Wolf” in response to his silver hair and choice of dual swords instead of the mighty Claymore. However, any time he spent alone, mostly in his chambers at night, he planned his escape, growing sick of his fathers distrust and strict attitude after so many years. One night, in the midst of a small fight within the estate between bandits and guards, he managed to rappel down the tower, grab his horse, and escape into the countryside. All his parents found was a note saying he was sorry, that he loved them but had to escape to find himself. His father immediately sent riders across the land, while his mother merely wept.

Shane rode all the way to England, in hopes of finding an adventure or anything to test his skills, so he could see if he truly was as ready as he thought.

Shane MacGreggor

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