The party's resident virtuous knight!


Rhona’s personality as well as her outward appearance cast her as young and quiet but confident in her own abilities. Her soft-spoken, mild-mannered nature is tempered by the fact that the words she does speak carry great weight and are always carefully chosen, and what appearance of physical power she lacks in height is made up for with broad shoulders and a physique muscular and athletic enough to support the heavy armor she wears. While she does have considerable physical strength, certainly above most women, much of her effectiveness in combat comes from her extraordinary determination, her focus, and her commitment to her own personal beliefs. When not covered by a helm, Rhona’s face is usually set in a serious expression, but its features are plain and reflect a great deal of honesty and compassion. She has long, dark hair (which is usually braided or bound up and inside her helm during combat) and soft brown eyes.


Rhona is the daughter of Ranald of (INSERT PLACE NAME HERE), who is a knight in the service of Lot, and his wife Agnes, the daughter of an English knight. (THINGS AND STUFF TO BE ADDED BLAH BLAH BLAH) Agnes is a small and timid woman in both appearance and behavior, and since her marriage to Ranald she became even more intense in her religious convictions in the face of marriage to a man she did not know and her subsequent troubles in bearing him children. Two years after Rhona was born, Agnes did have a son, but he was sickly and died while he and Rhona were both very young children. Agnes had always been both emotionally and physically fragile, and the death of her young son caused her to become exceedingly depressed and withdrawn. As a result, Rhona spent a great deal of her young life at court with her father. It was there, at the court of Lot, that the idea of her training to become a knight was introduced. (TO BE CONTINUED WITH STUFF ABOUT FERGUSON AND PIP).


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