Le morte d'Mordred

Make an Angus check
In which Angus does a backflip, and we kill some more "bandits"

In the corner of the tournament field, just after Shane and Olaf have finished their melee, Angus faces off against a trio of opponents in an ultimate ninja a brawl. He easily drops the first one, dropkicks the second, and tosses the last competitor out of the ring, who lands ignominiously on Ealasaid.
Heading back to the tavern, those darned Gypsies continue to deprive the populace of their well-earned coin, and Angus wins a drinking contest. For some unknown reason, Shane seems peeved about this whenever the topic is mentioned.
After spending some time in Camelot, the party is finally summoned to the castle, where they hold a short conference with Gawainand Lancelot. Lancelot explains that Mordred is mobilizing in the North for war with Arthur, and Gawain leaves in a rush. The party quickly follow suit, but not before being given several shinies by a servant of Lancelot.
En route to Lothian, the party catches up with another set of “bandits” on the road who hint that they have dispatched Gawain, and will do the same to the party. After the dispatching is done, Gabrielle encourages much looting of bodies, and notes a blue cloth with a fleur-de-lis – Lancelot’s colors.
Shane attempts to track Gawain’s horse, and follows it to a stream where he finds the horse distraught beside a river.
Realizing they can do little to help Gawain at the moment, they continue north to Lothian, reaching it by the end of the day. There they find a large militia is indeed being gathered, and Mordred conferring with his captains. They tell him of Gawain’s uncertain fate, and their confrontation with men bearing Lancelot’s colors. He quickly dismisses them, isolating himself for the remainder of the day.

Lot of fun
In which the party travels to Camelot and kills a bandit.

After much hustle and bustle in Lothian, the party set out towards Camelot with a caravan in tow. The Gypsy sisters Ealasaid and Gabrielle provided entertainment, the recently sworn in Shane MacGreggor andRhona accompanied as personal guards, and Angus Macduff and Olaf got the fun job of walking alongside the caravan while looking intimidating.

This didn’t work out quite as well as hoped however, since on the third day of travel the caravan was ambushed at a bend in the road, and by the time our heroes had come back to deal with the commotion, half the caravan had been destroyed. Lot was dead or dying while Lancelot guarded him, meanwhile Gawain had already made haste to Camelot.

The party fought a large group of bandits, barely surviving. After the heated battle, Lot sputtered his last, incomprehensible words, only the names of his two sons could be made out. On examining their attackers, Gabrielle noticed that nothing had been taken, and the party was surprised by the equipment and military-like discipline the bandits possessed.

After the battle, Lancelot returned to Lothian to deliver the ill news to Mordred, while the party continued on to Camelot to catch up with Gawain and fulfill their role in encouraging Arthur towards a peaceful future.

In Camelot, Shane MacGreggor and Olaf blundered about in a melee, Gabrielle showed some clea- performed at a tavern, and Angus Macduff got in a fist fight.


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